Instructional Design and Technology

This blog was created as a class project for my Instructional Design and Technology degree from Walden University. Blogging is an educational tool that can be used to share information with my fellow classmates and vice versa. I hope you find this site both informative and useful.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Tier 1 Performance Solutions (Brain and Behavior Blog)

Tier 1 Performance Solutions is a knowledge management company that assists businesses undergoing change to educate and inform their workforce using their online software programs. There is a Brain and Behavior Blog on their website where they post various articles by educators, neuroscientists, and other professionals on new insights made in the realm of neuroscience and the way the brain learns. Of particular interest was the article on "The Brain-targeted Teaching Model" by Dr. Mariale Hardiman, a Johns Hopkins faculty member and a pioneer in the “neuroeducation” movement. The blogger replaces some of the neuroscientific words with plain English to make the articles easier to understand.

Brain, Mind, Conciousness and Learning

This blog site has some amazing articles, slideshares, video's, and pictures regarding the cognitive neuroscience and physiology of the brain and learning. I was blown away by the article posted in July, 2009 regarding left brain vs right brain. A neuroscientist, Dr. Michael Gazzaniga, interviews a patient who had his corpus callosum severed to stop the spread of severe epilepsy. It was fascinating to see how his brain processes images with two totally separate hemispheres. You have to check it out.

Friday, January 8, 2010

E-Learning Curve Blog

Michael Hanley's blog includes posts about e-learning, web-based elearning, technology in education, e-learning tools, learning 2.0 (blogs and podcasts), and continuous professional development.   Michael Hanley is a training and development consultant working with businesses and educational institutions.  He lives in Dublin, Ireland.  He has 11 years experience in learning and development and is a member of the Irish institute of Training and Development. I found his blog to be very informative about e-learning tools which are enhanced through the use of podcasts.  He writes about learning theory and content development bridged by instructional design.  He is currently researching how work-based learning initiatives enable workers to achieve organizational goals in a corporate environment, and approaches to measuring subsequent organizational and employee performance.


This blog is a collection of the best and most updated knowledge regarding eLearning and Instructional Design.  It is organized well, easy to navigate and offers a wealth of information on almost every aspect of Instructional Design and Technology possible.  If I started reading today and read continuously for the next year, I doubt I could read every article and comment.

E-Learning Queen

E-Learning Queen focuses on distance training and education, from instructional design to e-learning and mobile solutions, and pays attention to psychological, social, and cultural factors. The edublog emphasizes real-world e-learning issues and appropriate uses of emerging technologies.  Susan Smith Nash is the Queen’s Assistant.  She has been in e-learning since 1990.  She has co-authored a book with George Henderson entitled Excellence in College Teaching and Learning.  She blogs about opensource software such as Moodle and Joomla, social networking, twitter plus there are many other very interesting informational tidbits.  Please check out her site.  I think you will enjoy it.