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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Mind Map and Connectivism

I created this mind map to try and organize some of the learning resources I have discovered that help me learn. My PLN has given me the ability to individualize my learning by allowing me to filter the things that fit and don’t fit my learning style.  If one resource doesn’t provide the information I need in a way I can understand, then I have the freedom to search elsewhere until I find something that answers my questions.  The PLN levels the playing field so to speak.  It’s not just an expert delivering information to a student, but a collaboration of many people of all walks and levels of expertise contributing information to whomever chooses to receive it.  I use it to generate new ideas as well as restructuring old knowledge into new.

Since I am a very visual learning, podcasts work well for me.  I see the information as well as hear it.  Also, any tool that helps me organize material and information is invaluable.  This might include google reader where the latest information from a blog or article is at my fingertips or one of the social bookmarking sites where I can organize the myriad of online articles I encounter in my search for information.

If I need to find information about a certain subject, I will usually explore the search engines for anything even remotely related to what I am looking for.  I read until I feel I have satisfied my quest for new knowledge.  If I can find pictures or diagrams or podcasts, all the better.  If I need to retrieve a particular article, then I proceed to the library.  Occasionally, I will purchase a book if I can’t find the information for free online.

 Dr. Mohamed Ally at Athabasca University views connectivism as a model that integrates the different theories to guide the design of online learning materials. I think my PLN supports connectivism in that it provides unlimited resources with instant feedback in most cases.  It is social because it involves many other people, both professionals and students.  It gives me the freedom to customize my learning to my own unique style and allows me to learn in the manner that’s easiest for me.

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